About Us

Solving 20th century problems, with 21st century solutions

We are Sustainability International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing innovative solutions to complex sustainability and conservation issues in the developing world. We work directly with governments, communities, and private sector stakeholders to bring about real impact and real change.

Sustainability International's current large-scale initiative aims to revitalize the Niger Delta, an area devastated by five decades of oil pollution. The Clean Up Niger Delta Project in turn seeks to raise awareness and advocacy around the environmental, health, and economic effects caused by oil pollution within the Delta.

Our Mission


To empower at-risk communities,and alleviate poverty with education. Education leads to communal growth and sustainability


To conserve and protect ecosystems in developing countries by educating local leaders in conservation and protection of resources

Community Health

To improve health of indigenous peoples through community-based efforts that address water safety and disease prevention.

A Message From Our Founder

Chinyere Nnadi
Co-Founder & CEO
Sustainability International

This is Our Village

When my parents built The Grace Center in our village Nkwerre, they inspired the creation of Sustainability International. The Grace Center is a place for the widows of Nkwerre to come together and learn skills that will help them build sustainable lives. We brought optometrists to perform eye exams and provide glasses. Sewing machines were donated, so they could make clothes to be sold in the local market. Named for my grandmother, The Grace Center taught me the importance of family and community.

Both of my parents are civil engineers and our family has a strong passion for science and technology. My mother, an environmental engineering professor, is always excited to share her latest invention or innovative research that she’s been following. During Christmas of 2011, she raved about a biotechnology her team had validated that could clean up oil spills and fertilize ecosystems in just one month. Being that we were from the oil spill capital of the world, the Niger Delta, I was in absolute disbelief that right here in America a solution existed that could erase over half a century of environmental and human rights abuses experienced by our community. The lives of millions of people could be changed, forever.

Human ingenuity is exciting. The way that we use science and technology to solve real world problems is truly inspiring.

When I think about the transitions our world is going through, it helps to simplify the equation. Today, our world has shrunk to the size of a tiny village. Facebook, Whatsapp, and Virtual Reality... information knows no borders. Our experiences are now intimate and universal.

With Virtual Reality, you could be transported to Zimbabwe, flying high above Victoria Falls. Or perhaps the plains of Serengeti, staring face to face at the great white rhinoceros. But you can also visit Syria, and experience what life is like growing up in a war zone.

Because of these technologies, we are now closer than ever.

With this new point of view, we must begin to reset our values.

At Sustainability International, we believe that the chaos and violence we are all experiencing is only symptoms of the illness. Using innovation to fix our past mistakes and reduce poverty, this is how we solve the problem. Living in harmony with each other and our environment, this is what we stand for.

Together, we will build a sustainable future.

Let’s use that human ingenuity and the technologies we have available to fix these problems, and build a harmonious society.

This century will be different from the last.

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