Heroes of the Delta

Ken Wiwa (1968 - 2016)

Former Chairman of the Advisory Board

Ken Wiwa was the eldest son of Nigerian human rights activist and author Ken Saro-Wiwa. Ken Saro-Wiwa led a nonviolent campaign against environmental degradation of the land and waters of Ogoniland by the operations of the multinational petroleum industry. At the peak of his non-violent campaign, he was tried by a special military tribunal, and hanged in 1995 by the military dictatorship of General Sani Abacha. His execution provoked international outrage and resulted in Nigeria's suspension from the Commonwealth of Nations for over three years.

Ken Wiwa was a journalist and author. His memoir of his father, In the Shadow of a Saint, won the 2002 Hurston-Wright Nonfiction Award. In 2005, he was selected by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader. He was a regular commentator on major news channels including CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera, and he has appeared as a guest on Hard Talk and Newsnight.

He has written for The Guardian in the UK, The Washington Post, New York Times, and National Geographic. Wiwa has produced and narrated television and radio documentaries for the BBC and CBC. He has written commentaries for National Public Radio.

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Ken Saro-Wiwa (1941 – 1995)