An immersive view into the pollution and corruption of the Niger Delta.

Niger DeltaAmongst the truly complicated issues in our world today, there are few with the level of importance like what’s at stake in the Niger Delta. A UNEP report states that an estimated 15 million barrels of crude have been spilled in the Niger Delta since 1958 from over 10,000 oil spills incidents – without any cleanup. Drinking water from underground aquifers are contaminated with Benzene, a known carcinogen, at a level 900 times above the World Health Organization’s guideline. This, and other health implications of oil pollution, have contributed to reduce the average life expectancy of Nigerians to just 40 years. A lack of accountability has stalled the cleanup, and corruption and violence have taken over the region.

Sustainability International is currently producing a Virtual Reality (VR) documentary series to shed light on the environmental disaster taking place in the Niger Delta. With this new immersive technology, viewers from all over the world will experience the daily lives and connect with the people living in the Niger Delta.

Our VR series transforms the viewer from a spectator, into a participant within the story itself.

In this two-part series, we will place the audience in the shoes of Niger Delta youth, allowing viewers to feel the impact of the environmental disaster through their eyes.

Experience the intricate and nuanced story of how the Niger Delta crisis came to be through the eyes of one young woman. We remain hopeful as we watch her take the future of her community into her own hands through community and peace-building activism. This is an exploration of how the young women of the Delta are paving the way for socially engaged development.

A story of renewal and restoration, as we walk with a young man, a former militant, as he participates in the environmental cleanup of his devastated village. Through this monumental cleanup, he is able to redirect his frustration at this humanitarian crisis. Instead of participating in the bombing of oil facilities and the destruction of his environment, he is now rebuilding and helping to redevelop his own community.

Our stories are an overview of the multiple factors that played a role in creating the Niger Delta environmental crisis, complete with interviews from different stakeholders, government leaders, community organizers, militants, and scientists.