To empower at-risk communities,and alleviate poverty with education. Education leads to communal growth and sustainability.


To conserve and protect ecosystems in developing countries by educating local leaders in conservation and protection of resources.

Community Health

To improve health of indigenous peoples through community-based efforts that address water safety and disease prevention.


One Farm

According to the United Nations Environmental Programme- the human rights and environmental disaster in the Niger Delta affects over 30 million people. Families are drinking water heavily contaminated with oil- and the carcinogen benzene. Widespread comprehensive medical examinations and health monitoring is needed. Local communities need to be educated about the dangers of their poisoned ecosystem. Follow our Clean Up Niger Delta Project on Facebook! And for more information, click to watch our video on Youtube!

St. Catherine’s Girls Secondary School

The program focuses on girls’ education and healthcare for sustainable economic development. It targets indigent students in the community and provides them with scholarships and school supplies. The program also provides mentoring opportunities to the students, which allows for career guidance and emotional development. Through partnership with the community, dilapidating school buildings are renovated for comfortable learning environment.

Grace Center

We empower indigent widows and single mothers, by providing resources, and job opportunities. The program provides hands-on training for skill acquisition and supports them with start-ups after successful completion of the training. The program also provides eye exams and other medical resources for their healthcare needs.

One Farm

St. Catherine’s Girls Secondary School

Grace Center

Our Story

One Village, One World

Community Health

A healthy community promotes renewal, a circle of life. It is a place where the old teach the young, and the young work to care for their elders.
In the beginning, we started with one small village. Our ancestral home, Nkwerre, Nigeria. Our work empowered the widows and young girls of this village. We brought them the medical care, and rebuilt their deteriorating schools. We gave them the tools they needed to build sustainable lives.

Global Village

This small endeavor grew into a global mission to empower indigenous peoples worldwide. We believe in the global village, that all of us are connected so that we may learn from and grow with each other.
By rolling up our sleeves and utilizing our planet’s most modern technologies, we can vastly improve the lives of billions around the world.

Clean Technology

We all must work to protect the most vulnerable within our global village. From rehabilitating environmental disasters, to designing irrigation systems to bring water to villages, to educating and empowering for the youth, our work is vital to our development as a global village.
We support the development of innovative technologies and research that provide sustainable solutions for water conservation, agriculture, and the environment.


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